#WIPssss…or rather works in progress…help

I’m usually not a multiple projects kind of person. I like to stick to one project at a time; dedicate my time to it; finish it; and move on. But somehow, I’ve found myself juggling three different projects–and I gotta say, I’m struggling a bit. Mostly in how I assign my creative juices. You’d think with three #WIPs I’d have three times the excitement. And yet–I find my passion for each spread thin. Which do I work on now? What character needs my attention?? Should I blog on project one, two, or three??? Sigh.

It should be a good problem to have. Multiple projects! Instead, I feel sluggish. Unmotivated. Confused.

So, I could use some advice. How do you do it, readers? I know some of you thrive on multiple projects. What’s your secret?

For now, I’ll be working. Writing. And juggling.


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