Middle-Grade Moments: Teasing. The good kind.

This middle-grade memory is short and sweet. A nice one, in fact. Odd, but nice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and you, Robin.”

This was uttered by one of my math teachers in junior high. Often, actually. In front of my peers.

It’s an odd thing, teasing. But when done right? It rocks. Mr. Spencer was my favorite math teacher. Specifically for comments like the above. He knew how to motivate a math-challenged preteen like myself by singling her out in the oddest way. And it worked. I somehow managed an A in that algebra class.

Now. For a picture, just because. I’ll have you know that that pink cardigan? Was my favorite. Because Stephanie Tanner wore the same one on Full House.

Robin jr high

Heck. Yes.


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