Writing Days – How I make ’em as good as can be.

There’s so much that goes into a good writing day, no? Let me rephrase that. There’s so much that can go wrong on a writing day. So many distractions, big and small, reasonable and not, that can keep us from writing. That’s why I strive to stick to a list. A list that will guarantee (ha) a better writing day than one if I had gone rogue.

A list of my must haves when I write:

  • Coffee. (I wake up excited for coffee. Is that bad?)
  • Bejeweled sweatshirts. (Staying warm but feeling put-together is a must.)
  • Favorite distressed jeans. (See above. Replace warm with comfortable.)
  • MacBook Air. (AKA my life.)
  • Taylor Swift’s 1989. (Holy cow, do I love this CD. I pretty much always listen to music when I write, and it’s got to be something I’ve heard a bajillion times, so as not to distract me. This one is the definite “it” CD of the moment.)
  • Snacks. (I get fidgety. Just like in college when I was studying. If I don’t have something I can munch on, forget getting any work done. My number one goal (if I’m snack-less) is find. more. snacks.)
  • Headphones. (No matter if I’m working from home or not, having music playing through headphones is a game changer. Somehow it focuses me more than if it were playing over speakers. In my own house. Alone.)
  • Coffee. (Oh wait. I said that already.)

One thought on “Writing Days – How I make ’em as good as can be.

  1. Having shared office space with you, let me just say that the snack remark is deeply surprising. ;) On a more serious note, you inspire me to at least try to be better about writing. Thanks for that. (And for this adorable mental image of you creating your works. In my version in my head, you somehow manage to snack, listen to TS, sing along with her, go for the occasional air drum, AND write, all at the same time.)

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