Guilty. Bad speller, here.

Anyone else guilty of this? I’m not going to lie. It sucks. Being a bad speller and a writer? Those two shouldn’t go together. But they do. And I’m absolute proof of it. Thank goodness for spell check. However. [Long pause for dramatic effect] Spell check is the devil. It refuses to intuitively catch my correct-but-not-correct spelling choices. Let me explain.

For example. Peak and peek. I’m notorious for mixing these two up. Do you know how many times i’ve written [subject] peaked [around the corner] [into the room] [etc.]? Spell check should just know which one I mean and make the obvious change.

Others include: heal vs. heel and past vs. passed (the amount of times my mom caught this in my latest draft was embarrassing. But there you go.)

I. Hate. Spelling.


2 thoughts on “Guilty. Bad speller, here.

  1. Maybe if you think of “peek” as looking more like it has two matching eyes in the middle – e_e – peeking out at you. :) And you’re not alone. I’m not a “bad” speller, I wouldn’t say, but I am by no means an A+ speller. I give myself a B, maybe. On a good day. But keep me away from amorphous sounding “e’s” and “a’s” in second or later/ending syllables, which typically prove my spelling Waterloo. (And of course I can’t think of an example right now. Oh, I know. “Precedence.” It’s not a (prece)dance party!”)

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