Update. Finally.

Well, I said I’d be back…and that was two months ago. But, but! I’ve got a completed manuscript, synopsis and query under my belt, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for the hiatus. Good? Good.

A bit of an update:

I’m in the full blown process of submission. I don’t like it. And am fearful of it. For a year, I lived in my story, believing in my work, my characters, and now, I have to shove it out there, into the unknown world where rejection hides around sharp corners. But it must be done. If anything, reality is a good balance to this dream-life I lead. It keeps me pushing forward. Keeps me just grounded enough to keep dreaming.

I’ve consumed more coffee than my doctor would like. Oops.

I’ve read and edited my friend’s latest middle-grade novel, which is fantastic and must be read immediately. Find it here (https://jamesaries.wordpress.com/).

I’ve acquired a new pet. Sebastian. He’s another (adorable) parakeet. Who’s a snuggler.

And I’m working on a list of 2015 writing and personal goals.

More updates to come. Thanks for sticking by me.


One thought on “Update. Finally.

  1. Right there with you! I too am in that stage. It’s grueling, stressful, and makes you want to chomp away at your nails with anxiety. But it’s rewarding in it’s own way, because, hey, you’ve finished a manuscript! You’re going over that last hurdle; You can DO IT. I am cheering you on!

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