Two Worlds – a fictional miniseries. Part I

This is a story about a girl named Ally. Ally lives in two worlds. The first is one of flesh and blood. One with all humanity. Where friends live. Family exists. And life moves forward one day at a time. It’s a world speckled with joy; tastes; music; colors. It’s a world understood by Ally. Where rules apply. And while things don’t always make sense, life is okay enough. For this world offers enough light to fill the darkness; enough joy to heal the pain. And help is always close by, for others hover just within reach.

The second is one of pure, intense imagination. Of fear and anxiety. One less bright; less certain; and far more dark. It’s a world she cannot escape, no matter how hard she fights. It entraps her with lies and suspicion. It entangles her with bone-chilling imagery. It curls its hand around all joy, all light, all truth–and threatens to extinguish everything good in one powerful crunch. This world offers no light to fill the darkness; no joy to heal the pain. No other soul ever trespasses here, leaving this world empty, and Ally entirely alone.


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