When pain enters your life. Part II

Photo Jun 30, 3 09 12 PMTwo weeks have passed since Ellington left our home. Two weeks. Sometimes it feels like an eternity has passed. Sometimes, like just a day. The memory of him is still fresh. Real. Painful. But, it’s crazy what time does. Heals. Slowly and logically, time transforms painful memories into past reflections. It offers breathing room; a chance for joyful memory to seep through the hurt. And allows us to see those moments with new eyes.

Time. I knew it would help. I knew I’d be able to see through the fog one day. But time takes its own–time. It’s painstakingly slow. Moving-in-slow-motion slow. Where nothing makes sense. Nothing feels right. And everything has ben tainted. At first, looking in the corner where his bed was hurt. Where we walked him. Where we played. Where he snuggled against me. All those spots reeked of Ellington. Making it hard to be home.

Two weeks have passed. And now, I have a set of new eyes. Time heals. It really does. We just have to let go, leave it alone. And trust that painful memories will one day blossom into bittersweet–even beautiful–remembrances.



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