One step forward. Three steps back.

I spent two hours yesterday on my manuscript; that might not be a lot of time for some of you, but often times that’s all my brain will allow. Anyway, yesterday. I tweaked and edited and did my best as a wordsmith–and yet…when reading it back at the end of my session, I found myself wondering, “Did I actually do anything today?” That’s never a good feeling. Ever. Especially when the things I edited two days ago (which I thought were pretty decent edits at the time) started to appear gross. Like moldy cheese.


Which makes the rewrite process tricky. So often successes during the second draft come in waves, no? You ride this high for several days, convinced you’ll never need to edit that paragraph again, only to read it days later. And come crashing down. “I thought that was good?” Oh, rewrite, how you toy with me.

One step forward. Three steps back. Eight steps back, was more like it this week. But I know it’s part of the journey. Something you can’t deny. So I continue on. Hoping today will bring me leaps ahead. 


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