A (pretty) writing tool to jump start inspiration.

So many distractions to keep a writer from writing, no? Especially when sitting at my kitchen table and seeing things that need to get done. “Done.” At this very moment too. Because obviously, sweeping each tiny crumb off the counter into the sink is way more important than fulfilling my dream of publishing a book. Yes, Robin. Stop writing this second. Pick up that spongue instead. And clean. That’ll be way more satisfying at the end of the day. You’ll see.

I don’t see.


And yet, I continue to put away my writing to pick up the sponge.

My new answer to this? An agenda. (And some good old fashion discipline.) But with an agenda, I feel (close to) invincible. I write out each day what needs to get done. What post I want to blog about. What freelance articles I’m writing or submitting that day. And my standard 2 hours of manuscript writing. Strangely, putting it down on page binds me to some kind of contract between me and my agenda. Like blood. So when that sponge begins whispering my name, I throw up my hands and yell, “But the agenda!” and keep writing.

My current agenda? A Kate Spade spiral notebook — cream with gold polka dots and a hot pink insert. Boom. Fashion mixed with writing? Yes, please.


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