Fourth book brewing…

Too soon to think about my fourth book? As the pages of book three have yet to be finished?


It’s an interesting idea. Came to me while waiting for an elevator to arrive. I stepped in. The doors closed, and the idea came. Loudly. As soon as I could, I put fingers to keyboard, and wrote it down. Now, it’s sitting on my laptop, waiting for me.

For some reason, I’m a one story kind of writer–I can only work on one story at a time. I know some of you are multiple story writers. It impresses me. And I find myself envious of how you can manage numerous plot lines and characters at once. But for this writer, it’s one story at a time. So, while I don’t want to rush through Book Three–and believe me, there’s plenty more to do–it’s comforting knowing there’s a Book Four to get to.

Ah, creativity.


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