Who’d you like to “Wrist Lock”?

“Try it again,” said Austin for what seemed like the fifth time.  Luke had been at Austin’s for an entire hour, and he still hadn’t mastered the last defensive spell of their lesson.  Face Slap (where with a quick flick of his key, he could “slap” his opponent’s face) and a freezing spell (which freezes his opponent in place for several seconds) he had gotten in minutes.  But for some reason, the Wrist Lock was harder than he had imagined.  It took precise aim and complete desire to snap the person’s wrist behind their back.

“Aiming’s not your problem,” said Austin.  “It’s your motive.  Don’t worry about me!  It doesn’t hurt.”

And it hadn’t.  Austin had done it to Luke over ten times to show him.  Though, after a few tries, it did begin to wear his wrist down.  He had to think mean.  Luke rolled his shoulders back and stared hard at Austin.

“Think of me as Romulus or someone you truly hate.  It’s what I do every time I use that spell.  Go ahead.”

Luke nodded, focused all his might on Austin, thinking him to be Romulus, said, “Wrist Lock,” and threw his key hand out straight at Austin.  And in seconds, Austin’s hand was wrapped uncomfortably around his back.  Luke felt an instant rush of satisfaction.  A broad grin spread across his face.



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