Keeping up the pace.

Impossible to get published if you’re not writing. Let that sink in, Robin. Impossible. 

Finding a balance with others’ creativities is hard — blogs, twitter, tumblr, instagram. It’s all there to distract. Well, it’s all there to inspire and share, I suppose. But I’m learning that they’re more deterrents to my creativity than not. 

“They’ve written that much already?”

“An agent and a published book?”

How many posts have they shared?”

And the discouragement continues. Yet I find if I create FIRST–work on my manuscript, post a blog post, edit other pieces, etc.–before diving into others’ creatives, I can enjoy and relax and read without comparing myself with anyone. (Ok, compare less.)

So a balance I must strike. 

And keep writing. 

Anyone else struggle with this?


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