Small (but fun) writer victories.

Oliver and Declant — two unlikely characters to ever appear cordially next to each other. (Villain and hero rarely choose friendship, after all.) And yet, yesterday, in the middle of church, I saw them–two young brothers, each with a name tag — one said Declan(t); the other said Oliver. You might say I wanted to yell overjoyed noises at these two boys, ecstatic to see these unique names together. (When my husband pointed it out, my jaw literally dropped. Open.)

It was an awesome writer’s moment.

With some prompting from husband, I told the mom about her boys’ names (leaving out the part that one of her sons is an evil mastermind, who’s planning on killing his brother). She was surprised and laughed. Said she’d have look that book up. Then left, chasing after hero and villain (er–her sons).

I stood there, smiling. She never questioned if my book was published or not. Simply took me at my word when I said I wrote one featuring an Oliver and a Declant.

I adore her.


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