Shadow’s Game (inspired by Ender’s Shadow)

“Except me. Because now I know.”
that you, with your twisted, pathetic
(you claim sympathetic?) crooked smiles,
beguiled us sickly with stories of a
Game, one so sweetly disguised with
spit-covered lies.
“I can’t tell anyone.”
that we’ve welcomed suicide,
slaughtered not empty souls but
delicious mortality you paraded
Immortal in our minds. Your
trickery (did you think
heroic?) only invited diseased licks of hatred,
you fool.
“So I have to fake it.”
and watch, with cut breath, grave
souls brave zeal, dive devotedly (did
you doubt?) into death’s abyss where
their sacrifice, their courage, their breath
hide existence from their command’s Omniscient
boom. But I know. So I whisper,
“God be with you.”
and play.


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