A musician who teaches me how to write.

While I’m not apart of a true writer’s group, per say, I do have extremely helpful people in my life who listen to my blathering dribble and offer suggestions in non-jerky ways. Like my husband, for instance. A musician, my husband just gets creativity. The process, the struggles, the joys. We may not share the same genre of creating, but we definitely share the journey. Specifically, he’s a jazz musician. A drummer. So his musical journey consists of finding the right groove; only playing notes that need to be played (tell that to a drummer; it’s hard); and tuning into the musicians he’s playing with. The longer we talked about his journey, the more I realized it applied to mine. As writers, we have to find our own groove–our voice. Our writing style that says exactly who we are without actually spelling it out for our audiences. As writers, we have to kill our darlings, so to speak. Add creative flair when necessary. And when not, delete it. As writers, we must tune into our audience–what they’re eager for. If not, we will have thousands of words written without an audience to read them.

So if you’re in need of a fresh perspective on your craft, try questioning a musician about his (or her) creative journey.You may just receive invaluable lessons on writing found nowhere else. 


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