The countdown continues. (And puts Favorite Scene Saturdays on hiatus.)

Which is why I’m up at midnight, attacking this draft, and my husband is sound asleep next to me. But if the countdown continues, then edit into the wee hours of the night I must. Because my new plan is thus: 

Done with ACT ONE by FRIDAY JULY 26 2013

Done with ACT TWO by FRIDAY AUGUST 16 2013


I’m still feeling confident. That’s a bad sign. Overconfidence is procrastination’s best friend. I think, “I’m a rewriting god. I’ll master this beast all in one night.” And then comes September 1st. My mind goes noodle limp, my fingers break just by pressing the space bar, and my laptop explodes, ultimately blinding me.

So. Lesson is: do not be overconfident, Robin. Stay somewhat confident. Just enough to think I’m an OK writer who has a decent idea worth getting down. That wee bit of self-doubt will keep me responsibly goal driven. 

Draft, I’ll see you tomorrow. 


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