That countdown – it’s judging me.

I’ve recently added something to this blog. That big ol’ countdown on the sidebar there. The widget that might as well be called the “In Crowd” because of how viciously it judges me.

But, I’m doing this. Having you hold me accountable to completing my second draft of MARKED. I always thought of myself as a goal-oriented person. Driven by deadlines. And yet…

And yet.

Hours, days, weeks can escape me. Not anymore. With a visible countdown, with 68 followers, with who knows who else flitting over this post, I am anxiously, excitedly, passionately on a timeline. And while Labor Day has been my due date for sometime now, seeing it in bright orange on the side there, “ups the stakes” so to speak.

Here’s to upping the stakes. Here’s to being judged. Here’s to Labor Day.

And, go.



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