A THANK YOU that’s necessary.

To you, writers. I thank you. For motivating me. For inspiring me. For driving me to write my hardest, do my best, and think as creatively as I can. While I claim to adore writing alone, persevering through writing frustrations, confusing story plots, and never ending editing can’t be done alone. Literally. Yes. We write in quiet corners. Busy coffee houses. In the dead of night. Alone. But figuratively? Never. It’s due to your countless encouragement and driven personalities that help me push through these struggles. Whether you know it or not. So, I thank you.

Especially, you:

James Aries
The Accidental Cootchie Mama
Author Kristen Hope Mazzola
Cristian Mihai
Bloodstone Sci Fi

(If I had some neat award to hand out — I would. Will you settle for a huge virtual “thank you”??)

Keep up the writing (and encouraging). Because clearly, I can’t function without you.



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