A writer on vacation = dangerous

Which is where I’ve been for most of June. Either on vacation or recovering from being on vacation. (Who hears of getting sick after taking a two week trip? My lymph-nodes, apparently.) But back, and back I am. Finally. 

And yet–am I really back? Establishing routine again, goal-oriented, detail-driven, hash-away-at-it-until-you’re-exhausted, kind of routine after a lengthy time apart, has been a challenge. It’s tricky, going away. Leaving your routine of writing. Because, at least for me, all it takes is a breath of a change to that routine before I’ve drifted away. Gotten distracted. And am now 50 pages into reading a good book instead of writing mine.

But what I love about writing is that the sheer joy of it always brings me back. Numerous days away causes my heart to ache for it–for those late writing nights; those caffeine-driven writing sessions; those story “aha!” moments brought on by creative exhaustion. Siiiiigh. 

So, routine? I’m all yours. No more excuses. No more recovering. Loving it. Hating it. Fighting it. But always appreciative of its outcome. Draft two is well on its way. 


2 thoughts on “A writer on vacation = dangerous

  1. You always make me wish I was a writer too…. Here’s to your fresh establishment of routine and to my fresh discovery of creative outlet.

  2. I know what you mean. You take a break from your routine and it it’s too long, it’s hard to get back into it. It’s like, “Ah, tomorrow will do”, then another tomorrow and another. Before you know it a week has gone by and you’re no nearer getting started. Come to think of it, getting into the routine of writing in the first place was hard work, too. Cheers.

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