Slacking. Me? Never. Well…

Slacking sucks. Knowing that you’re slacking sucks even worse. Now, I wouldn’t call what I’m doing slacking per say, but rather lacking the right balance of things. The right balance of writing. Because, as you know, dear reader, finding that balance? Is tough. Blog posts. Freelance gigs. Searching for freelance gigs. And The Book.

Sadly, The Book gets pushed to the side when I’m short on time. I really hate that. Hate to admit that, in fact. But it’s true. And I have no excuse, really. Hours of the day slip by before I realize I’ve failed to edit my novel. Then the guilt sets in. Guilt. That sucks too. Because guilt can feed the slacking fire. Fuel it’s flame. Somehow, guilt pushes me further away from what I need to do. I almost feel embarrassed that I failed. And instead of jumping on my laptop at that very moment, I slink away. Close it down and climb into bed.

Realizing this empowers me. For guilt isn’t feeding that flame–I am. I’m the culprit. The nasty cycle began with me. So, guilt–begone. Slacking? Well, it’ll happen. BUT I will slink less and pounce more.

Who’s with me?



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