My inspirational spot. Where is yours?

Living at the Livingstone (a gorgeous old brick building in Pasadena that once was a hotel) has ignited my adoration for this city. Beautiful architecture. Charming alleys. Unique eateries. Pasadena screams with character, and I love it. Specifically, though? Vroman’s Bookstore holds my heart firmly in its independent hands. A customer since childhood, I adored coming to Vroman’s. Picking out craft books, kids books, travel books. Reading them in its dark aisles. Getting lost in its magical character. When I graduated from Pepperdine, I eagerly applied–I was an aspiring writer needing an income to supplement my creative writing addiction. Vroman’s became that. At first. And then, slowly, it became so much more. It introduced me to unique people. It stretched my creativity. I became inspired by this bookstore and its small yet mighty presence in this city. Vroman’s had my heart. It was my magical haven. That same year, it introduced me to my husband. He and I worked together. We joked together. Laughed together. We grew to know each other. And four years later, became husband and wife. Vroman’s Bookstore: how you will forever be my Pasadena favorite.


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