If at first you don’t succeed, try another Splitzer. (It’s a TMC thing.)

Splitzers. Awesome magical fiery orbs used by keepers to defend themselves. Luke? Adores them. Maybe a bit too much.

* * *

Austin retreated to the hallway closet and returned, rolling out a large bundle. It was as tall as Austin and as wide as his arm span and by the looks of it, heavy. He slugged the brown bundle over to the fireplace and dropped it with a thud. Rubbing his lower back, he winced slightly before waving Luke over to him. “Come help me untie this. This is what we’re gonna be using as practice.”

“What is this?” Luke asked as he untied a heavy piece of wire. His excitement was waning as he focused more on the brown bundle before him, which looked more like a sack buried underneath the ground than something to help him learn magic.

Austin grinned. “It’s a target. I had this up in my attic. I used it quite a lot when I was younger.” He gave one large yank and the sack came off. There, leaning against the fireplace was a large golden shield with an ornate crest embedded in the center.

“Now,” he said, moving backwards until he was standing a few feet in front of the shield, “We’ll be trying Splitzers today. Maybe I should demonstrate one before I teach it to you.  I always seem to learn better with a visual.”

Luke felt his heart pumping fast. Finally, he was going to learn something other than levitation. It happened in seconds. Austin took aim at the shield and yelled, “Splitzer!” Out from his key burst a fiery orb; it hurtled towards the shield, and just as it was about to crash into the center, the orb halted.  

“And that’s how you stop a Splitzer from hurting anything. But for now, we’ll just practice throwing them. It’s much more fun anyway,” he said twirling his wrist and causing the orb to dissolve in midair. Luke blinked several times, but it was truly gone. Austin was talking again.

“What you’re going to do is concentrate extremely hard in your mind where you want the Splitzer to go. Don’t worry where you hit the shield for now. Perfect aim is something only the best can master. Though,” he said, his scars stretching across his face as he grinned, “Your father had it.

“When you’re ready,” he continued, “say ‘Splitzer.’”

It was easier said then done. But after his third attempt of producing nothing but puffs of smoke, a small golden orb shot from his key and collided into the shield, making a loud clang before disappearing.

“Not bad, Cedrus!” Austin hurried towards the shield.

Luke felt so good he wanted to try it again. Maybe he could get it to come out even faster this time; it hadn’t nearly been at the speed Austin’s was going, but it had come out all the same. Austin, however, was looking at him, his head cocked to the side.

“That was dead center,” he said slowly, running his hand over the spot where Luke had hit it. “I don’t even think your father could have done that on his first try.” He shuffled back to Luke and was quiet for a few moments. Then, nodding for Luke to continue, Luke concentrated, took aim and sent the orb whizzing through the air once more.

*psssst…..read more from this chapter of The Missing Crimoire.


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