Writing days are moody.

One troubling thing about a powerful writing day is the inevitable drought that follows. Somehow, they go hand-in-hand. Rudely. Writing days are moody, in my opinion. Charming one day, deceiving the next. Flirtatious one day, soul-crushing the next. It’s a vicious cycle. Painful, tiring, frustrating. And yet. We push through. We push through because we crave the days that bring sheer elation. We’re addicted to perfect prose. Dialogue that sings. Characters that breathe off the page. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t put up with it. And push through it.

A reminder of these things keeps me pushing through it. Just three days after my joyful writing day, I’ve been dropped back on the floor and kicked around a bit. A reminder helps ease the stings. For in those times, we sharpen our skills; hone our craft. We prepare our creative hearts for that blissful day once again.

Because it’s coming.


4 thoughts on “Writing days are moody.

  1. I think the hard part about all this is never knowing WHEN. Good days or bad days, you have no warning until they crash upon you. All you can do is keep going. I like that you focus on the next good day that’s coming. That’s a positive way of dealing with bad days. Cheers! :)

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