Lengthy submission responses? I welcome them.

I’ve sent my share of SASE to publishing houses. And email queries to literary agents. The former can take months to hear back (or not hear back). The latter, just a matter of weeks. Days. Hours even. I know I should prefer the latter. The quick response that allows me to either rejoice or pout–and then move on. To the next. And the next. It’s efficient. It’s time-saving in a no-time-to-waste career.


The former taunts me with its lengthy response. It flirts with me, cooing its hopeful plans in my ear. I drop that large envelope in the mail–and then wait. Dream. And believe. That this time it’ll happen. I give in to those melodious whispers, the lengthy response offers. Because for five entire months, I can hope. No quick response to dash my aspirations. No quick response to ruin my creative ideals. The lengthy response of a publishing house breathes sweet visions of captured dreams. I have five months to believe.

Sometimes, all a writer needs is hope. Without it, visions blur. Purpose fades. Call me crazy, but sometimes those five lengthy months are water to a parched writer’s soul.

Sometimes, that’s all I need to persevere through the quick responses. The snap-fast rejections my inbox collects. And to continue querying agents. One after the other. Until one bites. And a dream becomes a tangible career.


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