A writer’s decision. The worst kind.

As I’m plowing through The 90-Day Rewrite, and feeling it kick my creative bum, I’m realizing things I don’t want to realize.

1. MARKED needs a rewrite as exhausting as running a marathon. Maybe two. Rewrites, I know, are part of the process. Part of the writer’s journey. A necessity. However. I’ve been working on this beast for what now, almost two years? And to imagine that my rewrite now needs a rewrite makes me want to flush it away. Burn it on my laptop. Yell a bit. Which got me thinking about my second realization.

2. I might need to take a step back. I might need to set it aside. I might need to let it breathe. For now. Of course, for now. Of course, I’d return to it. I have to. Oliver has left me no choice. BUT. When sitting down every day to tweak this manuscript leaves me feeling nothing but frustrated, I’m beginning to wonder if a break would keep me and my characters sane.

3. A break from one means forward motion on another. To work and develop The Naming of Colton Black just might be what my writing brain is screaming for me to do. Not quite sure yet. Will listen all day today as I hang out with Oliver. BUT. I’m leaving a door open for Breslin to come steal me away. For a bit.

Or. Maybe I’ll let her and Oliver duke it out.

What about you, dear writers? Help. Please. Wisdom is what I need right now. And stories that tell me you understand. You guys rock.


4 thoughts on “A writer’s decision. The worst kind.

  1. Yeah, no one tells you the bruising you get when you write. It’s worse when you know you have something, but it’s not quite there and there’s still masses of work to do. Yep. Staring at a rewrite sucks. Then again, it’s part of the process. My book kicked around for DECADES before I finally managed to shape it into something (now it SINGS, it’s so good – don’t mind me feeling good about it, it makes up for all the time I felt bad about it). :D

    So hang in there. So what you’ve got to do. You know it won’t let you throw it in the bin (it’ll just crawl out again and get ya – mine did).

    Seeing your posts that came after this one, I’d say things are good, yeah? :) :) :)


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