A (very quick) peek inside a MARKED character. From our mini-villain’s POV.

This is just a little clip about Hazel through the eyes of Aaron Mingus. She fascinates me. Often times I wish I had the personality she did — the spunk and the confidence she has. But that’s why we write, isn’t it? To be what we want to be. Do what we want to do. All with the ease of a pen.

Aaron Mingus is MARKED’s mini-villain. Not sure if you’ve met him fully yet. You will. When he allows it.

* * *

He stared hard at his water glass.

She was five, the first time they met. And fiery. The moment he stepped into Declant’s office, she raced over to him, blonde curls everywhere, grabbed his ankle, and looked up at him with those large hazel eyes; a loud giggle escaped from her mouth. He stared at her like she were a loose animal. Then Declant yelled. And a noise Aaron had rarely heard exploded from this tiny person now sitting on his shoe. Water poured from her eyes, down her face, onto his suit. His new suit he had bought fresh that morning to impress Declant. Heat raced through his body as this opportunity was slowly being ruined by a child.

But suddenly, her eyes locked onto his. And something shot through his heart, something he hadn’t felt in years. Only once when he saw his mother crying from his bedroom door. The day he told her he hated her.

Fifteen now. Hazel’s eyes still held a power over him. He never admitted it. Never told her about that moment in her father’s office. She would use it as ammunition.

Somehow, she had known all along.


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