I love a good timeline.

How do you keep track of time in your novels? I always, always, always, need to create a literal timeline. A spreadsheet of sorts. If I don’t, time in my stories can get away from me. The only thing is, I tend to go overboard. Backstory is a bit of a weakness of mine, and combine that with my (closet) obsession with spreadsheets (though, now it’s no longer closeted) and you get the below:

304BC December 12th, 300BC Joshua receives the first key
250BC Joshua leads keepers away to separate themselves from human prejudice
170AD Lucan future King is born
190-250 King Lucan’s reign
200 War between humans and keepers; begins by a group of keepers
800 MI first established
800 First Crimoire is created
824-1024 Lady Hecates the 1st is alive
990-1190 Lady Hecates the 2nd is alive
1,000 The first SILVER KEY arrives to a Mortifer
1140-1300 Lady Hecates the 3rd is alive
1484 Pope Innocent VIII called for persecution of witches
1274-1402 Lady Hecates the 4th is alive
1379-1513 Lady Hecates the 5th is alive
1426 The first FESTIVAL is created
1497 Lady Hecates the 5th curses the Monaghan (Royal) family
1600 The SECOND SET OF SILVER KEYs arrives to Alyssus, Cashals, Davises, Dromores, Etons, Phoenixes, Susurruses
1600 MI is reestablished
1600 Crimoire extension (which becomes the missing Crimoire) is created by Samuel and Liddell
1604-09 How long the FIRST ATRIUM takes to be built
1657 End of the royal reign (However, royal blood does still exist)
1664 The first wood board is made
1669 Sage Thunderbird is born
1670 Bank ABOVE ground is first created by Henry Ringwood
1680 The first Switchboard team is created
1696 Renee Phoenix is born to Dashal Phoenix and Alexandria Davis
1697 Wood Thunderbird is born to parents Sage and Rose Thunderbird
1700 Sage and Rose die in the FIRST DRAGON ATTACK on the keeper world
1703 Oliver Monaghan creates the mailing system
1703 Henry Ringwood expands the bank and the first bank BELOW ground is created
1705-1755 The building of the Mortifer Lair–begins to rise in power / seeks power among those who would follow (trouble begins)
1725 Wood Thunderbird (now 28) fights off a dragon and saves keepers and many humans who are unaware
1740 The first GOLD KEY arrives to Ulysses Mortifer–and few arrive after that.
1756-1766 Renee (now 60) sets to work on building the first keeper library and finishes ten years later
1766 Renee Phoenix dies saving her friend after an attack on the library; her library is named Renee
1770 Ulysses Mortifer creates the Book of Shadows
1766-1773 This is how long it takes to build the SECOND ATRIUM
1795-1802 Matthias Mortifer takes over the keeper world
1797 Dramond Alyssus creates the MIND FREEZE spell
1799 The BCs are created
1800 Dramond Alyssus creates the TRUTH POTION
1795-1802 Troubling times in the keeper world
1825-1835 Wood Thunderbird dies at the age of 138; the second library is named after him.
1853 The blindness curse is outlawed
1879 Transaetium is created (over-age key update potion) by Victor Elements
1901 Alden Cashal is born
1914 Cashal receives a GOLD KEY
1919 The Halls Adoption Ward is Built ; Alington Warthington finds all five doors
1919 Small uprising in Illyndor city
1924 Iris Illyndor is borm
1938 Aberdeen Hall is born
1942 Cashal sacrifices his blood for a silver keyed keeper; loses his chances of becoming MI President
1952 Romulus Mortifer, Denton Ryder, and Gravis Dromore Sr.  born
1953 Sean (Cedrus) is born
1955 Reagan (Monaghan), Austin Riven and Priscilla Eton are born
1964 Romulus Mortifer receives his GOLD KEY
1964 Cashal begins teaching at Alyssus school; this is the first year Romulus, Denton, and Gravis begin school
1965 Sean receives his GOLD KEY; first year Sean begins school
1966 Cashal begins teaching at Phoenix school
1967 Sean skips a grade and is now in class / same grade with/as Romulus, Gravis, and Denton
1968-1991 Ryan Mortifer’s steady rise to power; heavy power times begin in 1986 and stay steady for 5 years until his death
1968 Sean discovers the old keys room in the MI and accidentaly takes one
1969 Sean is expelled from school early that year; Romulus graduates a year early at only 17
1970-1973 Sean stays with Cashal and gets a job as a journalist; moves out at age 20
1973 Denton (21) and Priscilla (18) marry
1977 Sean and Reagan meet
1982 Potion spill in the Atrium, killing 100 keepers (Halloween)
1984 Sean (31) and Reagan (29) marry; both do not know Reagan’s past
1984-1991 Ryan Mortifer is MI President until he is killed by his own son
1989-1991 Romulus secretly begins stealing his father’s power
1989 Mark is born
1991-2004 Romulus tries to keep a low profile as to not draw attention to himself for the murder of his father but also secretly builds his support
1991 Wood and Gwendolyn Ryder are born June 4th
1991 Gravis Dromore Jr. is born December 30th
1992 Luke Cedrus is born on January7th, Reagan dies a few weeks later (DATE)
1992 Ryan Mortifer is killed by Romulus Mortifer, who frames Sean (Cedrus); Sean unregisters
1992 Sean gives Cashal rights to his son; Cashal later places Luke into the adoption ward; Sean goes into hiding and starts a new life
2004 Gwen and Wood receive their BRONZE KEY, and Gravis his SILVER KEY (+ many more of their classmates
2005 Early January 05, Luke receives his SILVER key
2005 Festival and most of story takes place (early in the year)

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