Character “stats” helped me get to know her: Hazel Sydney Parker.

I do this with all my characters to get to know them better. Found the outline in the amazing book Art of Dramatic Writing. I actually bought this book for a college play writing class — and fell in love with it. Many of the ideas, examples, and outlines have helped better shape my novels — especially with character development. Egri (the author) knew what he was doing.

One of my favorite new characters in MARKED is Hazel Sydney Parker. Her apperance is slightly based of off an adorable young lady I met through my husband at his work. Her bright eyes, reddish curls, and spunky personality was so captivating in person that I felt compelled to create a character like her.

Hazel Parker is the daughter of our villain, Declant. But they couldn’t be more different. The below is a bit of history of who she truly is — hope you enjoy getting to know her. I bet she’ll like you.

Hazel Sydney Parker

Age: Fifteen

Birthday: October 14, 1996

Height: Five feet, three inches

Weight: 100 pounds

Color of hair: Reddish blonde, curly, like a lion’s mane

Color of eyes: Hazel

Skin: Fair with light dusting of freckles

Posture: Straight–years of her father correcting her

Appearance: Neat, pretty, and groomed. She likes her appearance but doesn’t spend too much time on it. She’s the girl next-door, clean skin, fresh face, big eyes; she’s got a round face, which she thinks is big, but it’s proportioned with the rest of her body, which is trim to average.

Neat: She’s not very neat; her room, if she could let it, would be a mess. She doesn’t mind when things are out of place.

Health: Decent. She’s got a bit of a weak immune system, which is due to her stress level at just 15; her mother being close to death and her father berating her for who she is/wants to be. She gets sore throats and stomaches often. She has bad cramps. She’s never broken any bones, which is saying something since she’s pretty active.

Birthmarks: A small blob in the shape of a star behind her left ear.

Mark/Abnormalities: She has the Emotion Mark on her left palm.

Heredity: Sanguine and compassionate; passionate about life; ambitious and melancholic–she gets the first part from her mother and the last two from her father, which she’d say she regrets but truly make up her wonderful personality.

Class: Upper class–she knows it but doesn’t care. Her father is wealthy and so was her mother before they got married. Declant always wants the best things and always buys them for her, thinking this will solve all problems associated with a daughter. They’re a part of upper society, being in the political realm, which means they often host formal parties at their house (which she hates) and attend several social events every month.

Occupation: None. She’s only 15, though she wishes she could have a job. Her father refuses.

Education: She’s been trained by some of the brightest and most intelligent tutors. Because she’s the Fairest’s daughter, Declant wants her home schooled–not put in a public even private school. She’s smart–in all subjects, mostly math and English. Getting top grades is easy; trying to please her annoying tutors and her father isn’t. And her attitude shows it. What she loves most, though, is art. She begged her father to hire an art teacher until finally, when she began behaving better with the others, he hired his sister-in-law to teach her. Hazel soon longs to become an artist or art teacher. But when her father catches wind of this, he openly opposes her dreams.

Home life: Rigid, strict, full of “shoulds” and not very warm. Her father pretty much raised her once her mother was too ill to. Life was full of social events, expensive things, butlers and maids and lots of rules. Hazel often rebelled, not wanting such a fancy, formal life. She’d much rather have a homecooked meal and watch movies every evening. Her father was constantly consumed by work and her mother was sick in her bedroom, to be left alone. Hazel felt lonely so often and would sneak out to coffee houses and stores to interact with people. She made friends easily, though her strong opinions and stubbornness could come off as abrasive. She worked hard at letting the compassionate side come out, which her mom always encouraged. At night, she would sneak into her mom’s bedroom and sit by her bed, just to be in her presence. Her mom, when she was awake and couldn’t sleep, would talk and smile at her. It was the littlest bit of warmth Hazel received but it was precious to her. She loved her mom.

I.Q.: High

Religion: Wasn’t raised with much religious direction, except that you make your own future. No one is looking out for you. She often wonders if her father is right, since she has a hard time believing a god would let such horrible things happen to her community.

Community: She’s had to be in the spotlight for the longest time–and she’s tired of it. But she’s compassionate and passionate about the people around her, so she enjoys participating in feeding the homeless, visiting the sick, reading to young Markeds. Her father has shown her how her position allows her certain privileges. She takes that to mean she has a job to do. A commitment to help the community.

Political affiliations: Democracy; she’s read some Unmarked books and feels a real sense that this is right. Not the dictatorships her community has put up with for so long.

Amusements: Art, watching Unmarked movies, meeting new people, helping her community

Reading: She doesn’t read much and would rather watch movies, but she does like reading a newspaper and non-fiction books, like memoirs and autobiographies.

Morality: Believes in good versus evil type of morality. Tries to be honest but can stretch the truth in her exaggerations. Isn’t opposed to breaking the rules if she can justify it to help someone.

Ambition: She’s crazy about art and is such a free-spirit that she’d love to open her own gallery.

Frustration: She gets frustrated when she’s forced to follow her father’s strict rules and isn’t allowed to be herself; she’s frustrated when she sees people suffering and hates not being able to see her mom more often. She gets frustrated when she someone talks down to her or when her father treats her like a child. She’s impatient and can be quick to anger if she’s in a bad mood, so she can be triggered by simple things. She hates having to wear fancy dresses and would much rather be in jeans or a flouncy skirt.

Temperament: ENFP; she’s an extrovert who is big picture minded, lead by her feelings and is spontaneous in most things she does. She’s a sanguine yet melancholic, which  means she can be really happy when she’s around people but can fall into deep moods when she’s not, which helps her art. She’s passionate about everything she does and doesn’t want to do something she’s not passionate about. She’s stubborn but extremely compassionate and loving to the ones who mean the most to her and will always have their back if she calls them a friend. She hates structure and loves spontaneity and would much rather wander out the front door without a map–even though she’s explored every inch of the Marked world. She’s heard about the Unmarked world and thinks it’s amazing, how vast it is.

Attitude: Passionate

Complexes: None

Superstitions: None

Imagination: OK normally; strong when it deals with her art.



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