Ask your characters questions. You’ll find out interesting things.

I love asking my characters random questions. The kinds of questions that actual people would find silly but give such telling details about my characters, I just have to ask them. One of my favorites when getting to know my MARKED characters was, “What do you always have with you?” And/or, depending on who it was, “What’s always in your pocket?” Here’s what they said:

Oliver: I always carry a pen and small pad of paper with me in case I discover something I wants to draw or write down. Since I love science and the outdoors, there’s usually some rock I want to note. Or some space I want to map. When I lost my memory, I found that a pen and pad of paper were my lifeline to remembering again. Who would have thought?

Aaron: My camera, which is pocket sized and resembles a Polaroid–a Marked creation, in case you didn’t know. A money clip, so I don’t have to carry a wallet.  And a watch. I always wear a nice watch.

Hazel: I always take a small across-the-shoulder purse with me. Inside are just simple things, like a wallet, clear lip gloss, a picture of me and mom, and a blank journal and pen in case I get inspired. Plus, I’m always, always wearing my golden pin. It’s of a galloping horse and symbolizes my decision to define myself apart from my mark. It’s an underground message. Of rebellion, you could say. The best thing it represents? That I’m truly the antithesis of my father.

Declant: A vile of Protection potion and a vile of Pain potion. You never know who might be plotting against you. I’m ready if someone does.


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