When imagination takes flight.

My favorite word? Imagination. It instills in me such a desire to create that my heart leaps for joy each time I take pencil to pad. 

I’ve always loved to imagine–as a little girl, alone in my room, imagining my stuffed dog spoke to me or my favorite characters were real. Or if I just stuck fake barcodes to the inside flaps of my books and scanned them with a pen I had turned my bedroom into a sophisticated library (anyone remember when books were hand scanned? Or stamped?) The idea never occurred to me that I could one day be paid to imagine. I think I would have laughed, knowing that. Creating was always something I escaped to. Imagining, my idea of a perfect afternoon. Now, years later, I have been paid to imagine. A professional imaginer, so to speak. True, it’s been in bits. Projects here and there. All in hopes of publishing one day. But it makes me smile, thinking of nine-year-old Robin, tirelessly  pretending, endlessly dreaming–with nothing but pure joy, pure heart, and pure uninhibited freedom. I like to think she’d smile too.

Because when you combine imagination with writing, you produce something extremely delicious and truly spellbinding. No? At least in my mind. (Though, I have a feeling you’d agree.) Some of my most recent imaginative fun was when creating TMC. That world is riddled with objects and places *I’d* love to see and use. TMC is my imagination, if leaked out on the page.



A Finder is a small glass sphere that allows its owner to travel to a specific person’s specific location. Keepers keep inside their glass spheres miniature images of people they know. When a Keeper desires to visit a friend, they simply select the person using a small button (and some magic) and *poof* a watery wall appears before them. They step through, go on what feels like a crazy water ride, and then drop directly into the location their friend is.

Shatter Bird

A Shatter Bird is about the size of a whistle, darkish silver, and shaped like a hawk. And only to be used in dire circumstances. To activate its power, a keeper will blow the whistle at the end of its tail. A silver beam will shoot out, blinding his enemies, yet encompassing him protectively. In exactly 30 seconds, the keeper will disappear and reappear at a predestined safe house.

Flying Compass 

A bird who will guide you. To call it, a keeper will take her key, make a circle and at the same time, say, “I need a flying compass.” By the time her hand meets the part where she began, she’s finished speaking and a bird has appeared in the middle of the circle. All she needs to do is ask it to guide her, and it will.


3 thoughts on “When imagination takes flight.

  1. I like this and I so agree. Imagination is the most important thing in the world (for starters, we wouldn’t have a single invention without it).

    I love to create worlds – actually, mine is a galaxy (it’s sci-fi), but once you’ve got the backdrop, it’s easier to set stories into it. That’s how one book (for me) turned into a series.

    I didn’t turn my bedroom into a library, but I did turn the tree outside into a spaceship. I spent a lot of time up that tree.

    Cheers! :)

  2. LOL. It was great. When I got the other kids playing with that idea, I always got to be Captain Kirk. No one gave me any argument about it, either, they all wanted to be Mr Spock. So, there I was, Captain of the USS Enterprise, crewed by a dozen Spocks. :)

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