Marks. Markeds. Choices. A brief introduction.

So MARKED is about a community of people know as Markeds and each Marked is born with a, well, a mark. Like a tattoo of sorts. It grants its owner abilities and skills specific to its shape. Such as a Gift Mark’s skills are giving, handling money well, acquiring great wealth, etc.  A Healer Mark’s skills are (obviously) healing, both internally and externally, creating medicine and pills that can heal, etc. The catch is all Markeds have a choice to make–use their skills for good or for not-so good. Like a Marked with a Healer Mark could chose instead to inflict severe pain, pass infections, reopen wounds, and even make someone go blind. It’s about choice. For Oliver, though, it’s more than that.

Oliver is born with a unique and terrifying mark, the Destructors Mark. Only one other has been born with it — and that other used it for murderously awful evils. No one would ever guess that someone born with a DM would ever have a choice to make. It’s obviously and forever bad. Right?

And thus begins our story. And Oliver’s journey.

If you could choose, which mark would you want? I’d love, love, love an Emotion Mark — to be able to manipulate–er–understand people’s feelings and emotions? Bomb. Truly.

Destructor, Gift, Healer, Animal, Fire, Water, Earth, Strategy, Emotion, Technology


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