Introverted characters: I just get them. So I write them.

I love taking personality tests, the Myers-Briggs one in particular. Because not only do I better understand myself, but I also discover how to help people better understand me. I’m a little tricky, what with how introverted I am. I’m a big-picture minded, feelings oriented, organized type of introvert. Quirky, moody, loyal. It works the same way with my friends. When I learn their personality types, I have several “aha!” moments: “So that’s why she feels that way”; “That’s why he has that perspective” and so forth. It’s entirely helpful. Which is why I love figuring out my character’s personality types.

Luke? He’s an ISTP: a detail-oriented, spontaneous thinking type. I read a description once about ISTPs: “Tolerant and felxibile, quiet observers until a problem apperas, then act quickly to find workable solutions.  Analyze what makes things work and readily get through large amounts of data to isolate the core of praticital problems.  Interested in cause and effect, organize facts using logical principles, value efficiency.”

Oliver? He’s an ISFP: a sensory-oriented, spontaneous feeling type. “ISFPs have no desire to lead or control others, just as they have no desire to be led or controlled by others. They need space and time alone to evaluate the circumstances of their life against their value system, and are likely to respect other people’s needs for the same” (From Portrait of an ISFP.)

How about you and your characters? I tend to write about introverted characters because I’m an introvert–I just seem to get them. What about you?


2 thoughts on “Introverted characters: I just get them. So I write them.

  1. Oddly, most of my characters are extroverted. Heh, for a sec I was going to put ‘outroverted’. Whoops!
    I’m an introvert too, but I think I make a lot of extroverts because they’re entertaining. The loud immature characters make readers laugh, while my few introverts smack their heads and try to rationalize with their companions.

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