Schools in TMC are (in my opinion) pretty cool. An overview.

A bit of the facts: There are eight schools spread throughout our fiver keeper cities. And each one is named after its builder:

Saurith Fenris, Dramond Alyssus, Renee Phoenix, Lionel Nemean, Sylvia Leviathan, Antoine Davis, Wood Thunderbird, and Petra Stymphalian

All but two of the schools are held in libraries–these brilliantly massive buildings that hold books, secrets, and unique interiors cities pride themselves on. Only Alyssus and Fenris are held in the M.I. (that’s the keeper’s government, remember?) They’ve got a bit of a darker edge to them, focusing on a bit darker and edgier things, if you catch my drift. School is year round; exams fall on the first and third Thursday of every month; and duels (school competitions) are held every Friday. Fourth years take a class trip to a new and different place. And fifth years are required to begin developing/creating a new spell, charm, or brew. This will then be presented and tested  in their seventh–graduating–year.

A bit of the fun: Classes include Key Charms and Spells, Keepers’ History, Brewing by Book / Key Gazing, Nature, Concentrations and Aims / Defense and Identification (Book of Shadows) / Quick Defense, Writing and Learning, Incantations, Longhand—Magical Math, Shape Shift, Criminology Paintings, Healing, Astronomy, and Concocting Creativity. (Where you see the / indicates each year’s advancement in that class.)

A bit of a bias: Since Luke is my friend and our story’s hero, I gravitate towards favoring his school – Phoenix, a beautiful library located in Alaster. A tiny peek inside:

* * *

During lunch, Wood took him on a tour of the school. Phoenix was beautiful. The marble entry way, where the school’s emblem filled the center of the floor, was as wide as a basketball court. Luke followed as closely to Wood as he could but felt his eyes linger on everything: tall cathedral-like archways, wraparound bookshelves, impressive columns; it was like city hall opened a library.

“They’re libraries as well as schools,” said Wood as they climbed back up to the third floor. “Two schools meet in the M.I., the others meet in different cities, and we battle each other every week. Well, when school isn’t ending.” Each stair appeared only once Wood’s foot touched down on it, and Luke walked as awkwardly back upstairs as he had that morning; being able to see straight down from three stories up made him slightly queasy.

With an hour left in class, Cashal began reviewing for their winter final. He settled himself in one of the three large leather chairs. Luke loved how the classroom acted like one big living room—all the furniture sat on a large oriental rug; a couch was pushed against one side; and every student sat on a dark colored pouf, to which was attached a swiveling wooden desktop. Plus, the entire classroom was out in the open, surrounded by aisles of books.

“Any questions?”

A few hands went up. One was a kid’s with a large brown fro. “What about Sunday?” It was like a noise bomb went off. Cashal had to shoot a sparkler off from his key to quiet them back down.

“Any questions about the final?”

Not a word.

He leaned back in his chair, smiling. “Alright.  I expect you all to know about Empedocles and the different theories on his development on the four elements. Yes? Now…”

*pssst……read more on TMC HERE.


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