Grey, gloomy, Seattle: a (MARKED) setting I want to escape to.

Gloomy and rainy — that’s what I love. Which is why I set MARKED in grey, cloudy Seattle. A little bit of a writer wants to be right there with her characters, no? A children’s author once said that kids don’t want to be the hero. They want to be the hero’s best friend. And that’s just how I feel, even about my own work. I know the struggles Oliver faces. What he’ll have to endure. I don’t want that. What I do want is to walk alongside him. To see what he sees. To encourage and listen. To be involved without being the hero. Where better to do that than a place I love?

Nothing pushes me to create like a grey, stormy sky — rainy drizzle against the window glass. Steamy mugs of comfort. Seattle speaks to my writer’s soul. California doesn’t. And since a move isn’t forthcoming (not yet, anyway), I can live out my melancholic weather joys in MARKED. I step into Seattle each time I delve into this story, and find myself satisfied, just enough to help blot out the irritatingly year-long summer blue sky outside my window.

On the rarest of occasions, gloom does visit Pasadena.

And I do everything I can to be out in it. Writing.

Pasadena, Gloomy, WritingPasadena, Clouds, Writing2012-03-17 22.35.44


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