Crimoires: an introduction

Hard to discuss TMC without telling you a tidbit about Crimoires. (That’s the C in TMC.)

Crimoires are keeper’s encyclopedias, per say. Magical books that contain information about spells, magic, brews (like potions but tweaked), and more. Most keepers own one, others are kept in libraries across various keeper cities. But two Crimoires–the Missing Crimoires–hold rare and potentially dangerous information. One of the two copies is kept in the M.I. (Magicus Imperium – keeper’s government). And the other? Is still missing. Which is where our story begins.

* * *

He was about to settle back into the couch when he saw Austin, leaning against the fireplace, reading his dad’s journal.

“Where’d you get this?”

“Cashal. But it was my dad’s originally. Why?”

“It’s a Crimoire, isn’t it,” he said more than questioned. Austin turned each page like it was glass. “Remarkable. What else do you know about this book?”


“Because few would know that this is one of the Missing Crimoires. Did Cashal tell you that?”


Austin started to chuckle, and then roar with laughter. He walked over and handed the journal to Luke, shaking his head and wearing an almost manic-like smile. “It’s just so amazing! Keepers would kill to look inside of it and this whole time, it wasn’t buried under some long forgotten building or locked up behind some magically watched room. It was here, with your father. Remarkable,” he said again.

“What’s so special about Crimoires?”

“Oh nothing, nothing at all. Everyone has access to a Crimoire. But there are only two which have been missing. One was found and is sitting inside the M.I. and the other is well, right here.

“Legend tells that inside the Missing Crimoires are brews and spells beyond imagination,” he continued.  “Plus, the rarest and most illegal curses lie beneath those pages.”

Luke shuttered.  “But everything looks so normal,” he said flipping nervously through the pages, almost as if he could feel one of the very curses Austin was talking about.

But Austin shook his head. “You wouldn’t see them with the rest of the magic. The Missing Crimoires only work for those who truly know what they’re seeking and if they’re seeking it for good. Which pisses off a lot of keepers.”

Luke came to the middle section where the pages were stuck. He tugged and tugged but they wouldn’t move.

“Locked, see? Whoever created that Crimoire wanted that magic hidden. Wonder if your father ever figured out how to open it. Anyway, keep that book around. It might come in handy some day.”


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