Ever met a keeper? Maybe you have.

If you’re truly seeking out keepers in the human cities? You’ll find ’em–easy. Because while keepers can resemble humans at first glance, they tend to posses certain magical flairs unique to their kind. Let me explain:

Their eyes are a dead give away. Crystal-clear, practically transparent, and yet tinged with the slightest shade of color. Luke’s eyes are crystal blue.

The other giveaway? Their keys. Often dangling from a leather strip around their necks, these keys are personalized (mysteriously yet unmistakably chosen and delivered to keepers before they turn thirteen), grant access to keeper cities, and posses a deep and creative source of magic. Luke’s key? It’s sleek and silver with a hooked base and circular bow with the intricate design of a crown inside.

He was finally starting to feel like a keeper. His silver key now hung by a leather strip around his neck. He could identify each colored jewel’s denomination without hesitation (blue, green, red, purple, and clear jewels were used like cash here). And tucked away in his new brown bag was his very own Finder.

*pssst…what’s a Finder? Stay tuned.


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